Bespoke Onsite Training

If you are an employer, a team leader or an individual who has a group of colleagues requiring training, our onsite bespoke training may provide the answer to your training needs.

Please note due to indemnity exclusions VIP Venepuncture & Cannulation Training is unable to provide training to delegates practicing within aesthetics & cosmetic therapies.
Course-Program What training is offered?
• Venepuncture
• Peripheral Cannulation
• Central Venous Access Devices (including Midlines) Care and Management
• Urinary Catheter Care and Management
• Venenpuncture Practical Skills Update
• Cannulation Practical Skills Update
• Care and Observation of a Peripheral Cannula, Possible Complications and Removal Of a Peripheral Cannula (For Health Care Assistants)
• Vascular Access Update – including Vein Assessment & Vascular Access Device Selection using the Vessel Health and Preservation Framework (VHP), Developments in vein imager technology, vascular access device options – advantages and disadvantages, care and management of a peripheral cannula, possible complications (For Registered Nurses and Other Registered Practitioners)

All the training will be tailored to your requirements so contact us today to discuss your training and update needs.

For more information, please contact us on 0800 002 9886 or use our contact us form